Review of Folk Pixie Album: "The thing that struck me in reviewing this album is that Eade is not afraid to challenge herself with unconventional rhythms and lyric delivery. It's as if her voice is confidently going where she wants it to go, unrestrained by convention and the mood of the song rises and falls... This is a terrific album.", FATEA, 2020.

Review of Folk Pixie Album, 3 stars: "That's one hell of a voice that leaps off this CD at you. Rosie Eade looks young and sweet but looks can be deceptive. She combines the lyricism of singer-songwriterdom with the attitude of rock'n'roll on Folk Pixie" Rock-n-Reel Magasine,, 2020.

Review of Folk Pixie Album: "“Folk Pixie” is something of a back to basics album with little more than a guitar and good intentions to keep Rosie Eade’s voice company. That said, her voice lacks neither the conviction nor the authority to make such an album work with each of these twelve songs delivered with a directness and – I shall say it again – honesty that makes the simplicity and sentimentality of all that you hear seem all the more appealing. In a time where the truth is worth less than a small bag of sugar, Rosie Eade manages, with her disarming charm and gloriously unaffected voice, to make the world seem like a valley where you would want to stroll with her in search of some romantic adventure", BLUESBUNNY, 2020.

Review of Folk Pixie Album 4 stars: "Une voix, une guitare, c’est tout ce que nous aurons au menu de ce "Folk pixie" mais Rosie Eade va nous montrer qu’on peut occuper un énorme espace sonore avec peu de moyens. Lorsque la guitare est nettement affirmée et que la voix l’est tout autant, on peut jeter aux orties les batteries, basses électriques, tambourins, glockenspiel, trombones, fifrelins ou autres pianos et Mellotron. Rosie Eade revient ici à la pureté la plus totale dans la composition de chansons et elle s’impose simplement et durablement sur ces très belles compositions originales.",, 2020.

Review of No Greater Love (off Folk Pixie album): "Rosie Eade shines brightly with her effervescent acoustic approach" Rock-n-Reel Magasine,, 2020.

"An appealing touch of English folk influences ... clear and sonorous", BLUESBUNNY, 2018.

"Sonically superb" BUNKFEST, Main Stage 2016.

Review The Fire (off Battlestorm album): "Singer-songwriter Rosie Eade demonstrates a confident and punchy acoustic rock presence on 'The Fire', a fine taster for her album Battlestorm." Rock-n-Reel Magasine,, 2016.

Review of Battlestorm: "The melodies have a more subtle allure, the lyrics deeper meaning, the folk-rock edge honed and somewhat softened ... the result is an album of substantial depth and equally considerable appeal. The distinctive Rosie Eade voice remains - recognisable timbre, intriguing phrasing and ability to softly entice or ‘rock it out’. The band is tight as you like and obviously feeding off each other in arrangement and delivery." Tim Carroll,, 2016.

Review of Battlestorm 5 stars: "La maîtrise technique, la pertinence des compositions, l’art consommé de la création d’ambiances prenantes et la voix d’exception de sa chanteuse font du Rosie Eade Band un petit joyau de la scène folk anglaise contemporaine. A découvrir sans modération.", (François Becquart), 2016 .

"elements of real passion and anger", "folk grunge?" Jackson Cooper, 2016.

Review King's Shilling (off Battlestorm album): "really good. Nice arrangement that has some passion and your diction is superb!" Saffron Summerfield,, 2015.

"Stand-out acts include ... Rosie Eade " news, 2015.

Review of Village Pump Festival 2015 (White Horse Stage): "First up were The Rosie Eade band, a group I had not really heard much of prior to the festival but their set was well received and I will be investigating further on the basis of their performance. One plus point for me was the inclusion of one of my favourite Who songs, Behind Blue Eyes." FATEA Records, 2015.

St John's graduate turned folk musician releases album [Battlestorm]. Article by St. John's College, 2015

"Our favourite folk pixie returns to the club. Rosie is a talented singer/ songwriter, confidently performing either as a solo artist or with her band." Bradford on Avon Folk Club, 2015.

"The Rosie Eade Band opens up [Wimborne Folk Festival] on Saturday morning, offering a classic blend of Folk Rock. It seems a shame that they are to open, as they are one of the more professional acts to take to the stage ... Happily Rosie and co do also close the stage, with the last set on Sunday evening. Definitely worth a watch", Yack Magasine, 2014. on Wimborne Folk Festival

"now I have 'The Fire' playing in my head! I really like your music, it reminds me of when I was 17 and had started going to festivals and such meaningful folk music was the soundtrack to my free-spirited festival summers!" Waterfront, Exeter, 2014.

"Sprightly and pleasing blend of contemporary singer-songwriter and folk stylings." Rock-n-Reel, 2013.

"She is one of the loveliest new voices on the folk and acoustic music scene with a wealth of life inspired original material as well as carefully chosen traditional songs accompanied by her own tight guitar arrangements. We’ve loved her when she first performed a short open mic spot at The Pump, having travelled up here from her Devon home, and we booked her on the strength of that performance. Her subsequent guest spot at the club did not disappoint and we are delighted to welcome her back again.", Village Pump Folk Club, 2013. via The Ocelot

Review No Fairytale: "quite heavy 'rock-folk' instrumentation from an impressive line-up of guest musicians. For the most part the accompaniments, though not always sympathetic, do add interest and quite dramatic atmosphere to the songs." Colin Andrews, What's Afoot, No. 102, 2013.

"‘No Fairytale’ from Rosie Eade - multiple facets of folk rock (June 27, 2012)"
"If the debut album ‘No Fairytale’ from Rosie Eade doesn’t find a place in folk rock fame then something is sadly wrong. There is enough presence and power in this album to raise the dead."
Tim Carroll,, 2012.

"No Fairytale is ROSIE EADE's solo debut and it lives up to its title. Rosie has a strong characterful voice and mixes her own songs with traditional material. She's been around with Cambridgeshire band Hedgepig for a while and her experience tells. She deserves to be better known.", Rock-n-Reel, 2012.. REVIEW IMAGE

"She has a fantastic voice, great range and inflection. Couple that with some lovely nylon strung guitar parts which you realise cover a lot of moods/genres quickly and you realise Rosie is no one-trick pony. The opening track Seagull Eye View (also available as a single) is one of the highlights along with Tiddy Mun, Cinderella Sticks the Knife In (!) and Venice" Guitars and Life blog, 2012.

"A wonderful counterpoint to Rosie, they [Rosie Eade and Davey Malone] combine their performances to great effect." Bradninch Folk Club, 2012.

"Next up was Rosie who was highly impressive again. I like her voice a lot, great power in it not just in terms of physical singing power but also in terms of the emotion she conjures. Rosie's set ranges from traditional folk through her own material and some unexpected covers but last night was a concentration on her own stuff. She also is able to conjure a number of different tones from her nylon strung six string. At one point almost punky thrashing was the order of the day." Guitars and Life blog, 2012.

"Rosie has a characteristic and beautiful voice appreciated by many in Bradninch and elsewhere in the many festivals and other places she performs." Mid Devon Star, 2012.

"So to the find of the day... Rosie Eade who describes herself as a Folk Pixie. She was brilliant, despite being on an open stage in a increasingly damp and drizzly conditions ... she was stunning. Beautiful voice, great songs with a wide range of influences including even a Who cover towards the back of her set... So impressed was I that Mrs F and I are planning to see her again in June when she next returns to Medway" Guitars and Life blog, 2012.

"A huge favourite of ours, Rosie mixes powerful trad covers with her own evocative songs; she's punchy, lively and touching ... playing tracks from her brilliant new album, No Fairytale", Burnham-On-Sea Folk Festival, 2012.

"a young lady who is definitely going places, ROSIE EADE.", Village Pump Folk Club (Newsletter), 2012,

"Rosie Eade is one of the loveliest new voices on the folk and acoustic music scene ... We loved her when she first performed a short open mic spot at The Pump, having travelled up here from her Devon home, and we know you will too.", Village Pump Folk Club, 2012. via Trowbridge Magazine REVIEW IMAGE

"L'ajout de la belle voix feminine de Rosie Eade participe de cette richesse instrumentale, depouillee certes, mais bien reelle, ainsi qu'en temoignent Rapunzel ou Once upon a time", (Grimm, by Paul Roland), 2011 .

"thanx so much for the CD I really like" Sonke - Sound man from the Bimble Inn, Beautiful Days 2011.

"Rosie Eade, one of the finest new voices on the acoustic scene", Burnham-On-Sea Folk Festival, 2010.

"Exeter-based pixie Rosie was trained in classical and jazz but now deals in trad folk and her own fine songs. Her strong, beautiful voice reminds us of Celia Humphris from Trees. Yes, she's that good." Burnham-On-Sea Folk Festival, 2009.

“Rosie and her trusty nylon strung guitar have been ... attracting quite the following". "Her voice, that of a young Kate Bush tempered with the measured tones of Stevie Nicks". "Rosie's own songs, ... alongside traditional folk song favourites, are infused with a sense of urgency. A balance of powerful yearning and personal reflection.” Scrumpy 'n' Western, Nov. '08, review of Rosie’s gig at The White Lion, Bradninch, Devon. Full Article: Click here From

"We have another very talented singer songwriter on our hands. Rosie normally plays with the Folk Rockers Hedgepig but is proving to be an accomplished solo performer in her own right", Milkmaid folk club, Bury St. Edmunds, 2007.

“This quiet young lady entrances and captivates an audience as she moves from a gentle folk song to a gutsy, almost rock, backing in her next song.” Milkmaid folk club, Bury St. Edmunds, 2007.

"A mix of Maddy Prior and Stevie Nicks", Ely Folk Festival, 2006.

"Clearly flavoured by Steeleye Span influences but ... sounding more Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane than Maddy Prior", Wheeliebinland, 2006.

"Known for her thoughtful and delicately crafted songs accompanied by classical guitar", Cambridge News, 2004.