Female Fronted Indie-Folk-Rock band with 3/4 size classical guitar "sprightly and pleasing blend of contemporary singer-songwriter and folk stylings." Rock-n-Reel, 2013
F.e.m.a.l.e. .F.r.o.n.t.e.d. .I.n.d.i.e. .F.o.l.k. .R.o.c.k. .w.i.t.h. .3/4. .s.i.z.e. .c.l.a.s.s.i.c.a.l. .g.u.i.t.a.r.
"Sonically superb" BunkFest Main Stage, 2016
"Confident and punchy acoustic rock presence." Rock-n-Reel, 2016.












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Folk Pixie
Third Album: "Folk Pixie"
Early limited postal release December 2nd 2019.
Official launch 1st May 2020.
"This is me" album. Solo and acoustic spanning the oldest to newest songs and the favourites in between, plus some lovely covers that I've been gigging forever and can't believe I never recorded before. Recorded live at Challow Park Studios by Will Biggs (2019). Physical cd available by post, see main music tab for details.

Track Listing
1. Battlestorm
2. Crazy Man Michael
3. The Fire
4. Mirror
5. Your Face Smiles
6. Mother
7. No Greater Love
8. Whisky and Betrayal
9. Behind Blue Eyes
10. Where's the old man gone?
Bonus tracks: Dear Connie*
Shadows Cannot Wake*

Track Credits
All words and music written my Rosie Eade except
2. Crazy Man Michael by Richard Thompson and Dave Swarbrick
9. Behind Blue Eyes by Pete Townsend
1. Battlestorm verse 3, and 3. The fire verse 2: lyrics co-written by Mark Lemon of Hedgepig

Performed by Rosie Eade on vocals and nylon strung guitar.
10. includes backing vocals from Randy Abel of Abel & Eade

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