Female Fronted Indie-Folk-Rock band with 3/4 size classical guitar "sprightly and pleasing blend of contemporary singer-songwriter and folk stylings." Rock-n-Reel, 2013
F.e.m.a.l.e. .F.r.o.n.t.e.d. .I.n.d.i.e. .F.o.l.k. .R.o.c.k. .w.i.t.h. .3/4. .s.i.z.e. .c.l.a.s.s.i.c.a.l. .g.u.i.t.a.r.
"Sonically superb" BunkFest Main Stage, 2016
"Confident and punchy acoustic rock presence." Rock-n-Reel, 2016.












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"Sonically superb." BUNKFEST, Main Stage, 2016.

"Confident and punchy acoustic rock presence." Rock-n-Reel, 2016 (Battlestorm album).

"The distinctive Rosie Eade voice remains - recognisable timbre, intriguing phrasing and ability to softly entice or ‘rock it out’. The band is tight as you like" FolkWords, 2016 (Battlestorm album).

"one of the loveliest new voices on the folk and acoustic music scene", Village Pump Folk Club, 2013.

"Rosie has a strong characterful voice ... her experience tells. She deserves to be better known.", Rock-n-Reel, 2012

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Rosie ("Folk-Pixie") Eade: Female Fronted Folk-Rock with 3/4 size classical guitar.

Rosie Eade "Folk-Pixie", "One of the loveliest new voices on the folk and acoustic music scene" (Village Pump Folk Club, 2013), she leads her solo and band performances with lively and evocative songs; life inspired stories written over two decades gigging around the country, interspersed with carefully chosen traditional gems, all arranged around her love of folk, rock and thrashing her old nylon strung guitar.

Likened to the voices of Kate Bush, Maddy Prior and Grace Slick, yet inspired by The Who as much as Steeleye Span, she is equally accomplished within the acoustic-folk and old school rock genres - a "Confident and punchy acoustic rock presence," (Rock-n-Reel, 2016). This dual passion shines through in her new band album "Battlestorm" (2016) which tells of the many real battles and conflicts, emotional and physical, faced in both our modern and historical lives. Heartfelt stories brought to life by Rosie and her band mates; described as "sonically superb" by BunkFest Main Stage, 2016.

Rosie has grown since her debut album "No Fairytale" (2012) - a concept album bringing together folk myths and fairytales with an underlying dark twist, which featured airplay on BBC Regional Radio - both in terms of subject matter and musical comrads. It was this album that inspired her to form The Band and take it on the road, including a magical residency at Edinburgh Fringe Festival's Tron Kirk thanks to Lost Horizons Folk Club. Heartbreaking "The Last Page" won Rosie a free day of recording, while "The Fire" has been described as a "soundtrack to my free-spirited festival summers" (Waterfront, Exeter).

Rosie's summers are busy with playing UK festivals, such as Sidmouth (2017), Rochester Sweeps (2017), Broadstairs (2017), The Village Pump (Main Stage 2016), BunkFest (Main Stage 2016), and past highlights being Beautiful Days Bimble Inn (2012) and Glastonbury's Avalon Cafe (2010). She also headlines at a number of UK folk clubs (Cambridge, Norwich, Village Pump, Bradford-on-Avon, Falkirk...) and has supported many of her favourite artists: the Oysterband, Julie Fowlis, Nick Harper, Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick, Dave Pegg & PJ Wright, and Holly Golightly, to high acclaim. Rosie has come a long way since being complimented by the Irish World for her first performance in the Cambridge Folk Festival club tent back in 2002, but the guitar remains and, with or without band, people are still surprised how this little "folk-pixie" can make music that sounds so much larger.

Rosie Eade vocals & guitar
+ Lesley Conquest on fiddle
+ Niall Robinson on cajon, tabla, bodhran + vocals (& drum-kit)
+ Simon Stanley on bass guitar + vocals

Rosie plays gigs and festivals as solo, duo or band line-up, see the GIGS tab for details, including the occasional special "rocked up" shows with full drum kit and electric guitars and electric mandolin!

Rosie Eade Band - Shadows Cannot Wake. Live at Village Pump Festival, Main Stage, 22nd July 2016 (YouTube). Video by Julia

Bands that have inspired us
Rosie Eade Band play ...
Kate Bush - James & the Cold Gun (YouTube) Click here to see low quality live video
The Who - Behind Blue Eyes (YouTube) Click here to see low quality live video
The Horslips - Mad Pat (YouTube) Click here to see low quality live video
Steeleye Span (trad.) - 700 Elves (or owls...) (YouTube) Click here to see low quality live video

Oh, and did we say? We love sing-alongs!
(Lower quality audio - amateur live recordings)

The Fire by Rosie Eade (Youtube)

The King's Shilling by Ian Sinclair (Mirk) (Youtube)

Other Creative Outlets
• Rosie also sings and plays sax/whistles with folk-rock band 'Hedgepig'; legends on the Cambridge pub circuit, they pop up at various summer festivals and have twice pre-headlined at their local Ely Folk Festival.
• Occasional alternative line up Rosie Eade Band II for East Anglia gigs, linked to the 'good old days' in Cambridge with Rosie Eade, Steve Matthews and Jim Gair.
• Rosie sings for Exeter based covers band The Sixty Six.
• Rosie can also occasionally been seen performing as folk-pop duo, 'Eaden', with Tim Paulden on piano; re-inventing some of Rosie's own material while also covering a wider range of artists, from Evanescence to Cyndi Lauper.
• In the summer festival season Rosie has toured as the whistle player 'Molly Malone' for skiffle-punk band 'Hobo Jones and The Junkyard Dogs', playing Main Stages at Glastonbury Avalon, Beautiful Days and Larmer Tree, + The Levellers' support for their 2009 spring UK tour. This led to a solo-duo act with Davey Malone (aka Hobo Jones) - moving effortlessly between the roles of solo musician and accompanist, they create a night of vibrant and enjoyable music.